I currently use stainless steel for my posts, hoops, and hooks, which is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. I am phasing out stainless steel for titanium and gold-filled posts as they are better for more sensitive ears. My default for most earrings are posts, but many can be switched for hooks for clip-ons! 


Polymer = plastic, which means it will be here forever! I try to reduce the footprint of my business by using eco-friendly packaging like recyclable boxes, recycled crinkle paper, and tape made from Kraft paper. 


All items are finished unless otherwise noted. As with all handmade items, there may be slight imperfections, variations, and maybe a fingerprint. That's how you know a human made your goods and not a machine! 

Processing time = time it takes me to prepare your purchase for shipping. Processing time for finished items is 5-7 days, processing time for custom items is 1-2 weeks. 


I value YOU as a potential customer! And I want to acknowledge not all people who wear jewelry identify as women. So I do not use gendered language in this space (i.e. saying "hey y'all!" instead of "hey ladies!")

Black Lives Matter. 

As a white person, I believe in the redistribution of wealth to BIPOC and other marginalized and oppressed people. 10% of my quarterly sales will be donated to these efforts. Benefiting organizations will be announced at eh beginning of each quarter and donations posted at the end of each quarter for accountability.  

NOTE: Small businesses, especially artists and makers, are not obligated to donate any portion of their earnings. So many folx are just trying to survive right now. For me personally, I want my small business to redirect funds to marginalized and oppressed people. I recognize the privilege I have to do this and believe it is the right choice for me.